Got any Items from the 1970’s Your are willing to put on Loan or Donate?


Our new exhibit, due up by June, is “The 70’s.”

We are lacking a few items that would help fill out the story of that decade in Murray County. If you have any of the items listed below or know someone who might, let Janet know.

  • Manual Typewriter (non-electric) from that era
  • Clothing-both Men’s and Women’s such as a leather string vest
  • Plaid polyester slacks and jacket
  • Macramé purse
  • A letter jacket or cheerleaders outfit from any county school from that decade
  • Men’s Platform shoes
  • Record turntable and speakers (not a console) working   Halter tops and elephant leg pants.
  • Posters from a local dance at Valhalla – Can I wish for Crystal Blue?
  • Anything else unique?

Contact Janet via email or by calling 507-836-6533 if you have anything like this.

Thanks for your help, man!


2016 Murray County Historical Society