Farm Out, Man!


“Farm Out, Man! Farming in the 1970’s” to be presented at the January Dinehart Lunchbox Lecture.

Thursday January 12, 2017, Murray County Historical Society’s Dinehart Lunchbox Lecture features Museum Coordinator, Janet Timmerman. The presentation will be held at the Murray County 4-H building in Slayton, MN beginning at 12 noon. Bring your sack lunch. Coffee or tea will be provided. There is a $3 charge and, as always, MC Historical Society members are free.

Timmerman will discuss the important changes in farming practices during the 1970’s and how they directly tie to the methods used in today’s modern agribusiness. That decade saw the introduction of animal confinement systems, new chemical technologies, and changing federal farm policies. If you were a farmer in that era, then you will remember belonging to the local elevator cooperative, helping the neighbors blow silage, and the introduction of new Hesston hay stackers. Many farm kids remember de-tasseling corn, walking beans, and baling hay into square bales in the hottest days of the summer. Early in the decade farmers were air drying ear corn in cribs and using tractor-mounted two and four row corn pickers. Timmerman will talk about how all of those “common” farm chores began to change in the 1970’s and how national farm policies and strategies were reflected in Murray County. Whether you are a retired farmer, new to the business, or a farm kid still working the family farm, there will be something of interest for you. Bring your experiences and knowledge to the program.

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