Historical Society Annual Meeting to feature Dinehart House Historic Structure Report Results


The Dinehart House Historic Structure Report Results to be topic of Murray County Historical Society Annual Meeting

The Murray County Historical Society invites everyone to attend the 2017 annual meeting on Sunday Nov. 5th at 3 PM at the City Limits Bar and Grill. The agenda for the meeting will be speakers first, pie and ice cream, and the annual meeting. The event is free and open to the public.

This year’s speakers are Jane Bisel and Steve Williams of Blue Planet Museum Consulting. They will present on the historical findings discovered during the Historic Structure Report Process completed on the Dinehart House. Jane Bisel served as the historian on the project and Steve Williams worked as the conservator consultant.

Their findings on the Dinehart family and house rounds out our previous understanding of why the family moved from Chicago and what their importance to this region really was. They have helped discover the correct dates for changes to the Dinehart House and how those changes correspond to life events and economic factors. Their work has been incorporated into the whole historic structural report. This report will inform any further structural improvements and repairs to the house. It will also become the basis for new interpretations for the house.

Jane Bisel’s background includes experience in grant development and administration, editing, scholarly writing, exhibition development, historic research, and project administration. She is the author of historic structure reports on a Frank Lloyd Wright residence and the Adolph Biermann house, a contributing member to Olmsted County’s Mayowood Historic District, as well as co-author of a historic structures report on the Depression-era buildings and structures on the Olmsted County fairgrounds, and editor of an exhibition catalog, Our Treasures: Highlights From the Minnesota Museum of American Art, for an exhibit tour managed by our company. She also has contributed to an anthology on the natural history of Pompeii published by Cambridge University Press, edited numerous published works, and co-written an award-winning book published by Scholastic Press in seven international editions. Jane holds a Master’s degree in communications from McGill University, as well as a Bachelor’s degree from Reed College.

Mr. Williams has over thirty years of experience in museum art services, museum graphics and publications, exhibition development, project management, and exhibit and lighting design. Prior to his association with Blue Planet Museum Consulting, he was the General Manager of FAE Atlanta and Associate Director of the Special Projects division of FAE Worldwide. He worked at the John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art from 1979 to 1994.  Here, as museum preparator, design coordinator, and then designer, he collaborated on the development and implementation of numerous exhibits and museum publications. He was also one of the team leaders for the twenty million dollar renovation and re-installation of the museum’s art galleries.  In addition, Mr. Williams has been a studio assistant to artist John Chamberlain.  Steve holds a Bachelor’s degree from New College of Florida.

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