Covid-19 Self Interview

We are living in a unique era of American history. Future historians, and our own descendants, will want to know how this pandemic affected the lives of rural people. In an effort to collect as many viewpoints, experiences, and stories as possible about how Covid-19 has affected county residents, we are calling on everyone, young and old, to complete this Covid-19 Self Interview. There are no right or wrong responses. Feel free to skip any question you prefer not to answer. Answers can be handwritten, typed, or even recorded.

Download a copy of the Covid-19 Self Interview by clicking here:

Covid-19 Self Interview

Completed interviews can be returned to the museum by:

  1. Dropping them off at 2480 29th Street; Slayton, MN 56712
  2. Mailed to P.O. Box 61; Slayton, MN 56172
  3. E-mailed to

Thank you for helping us preserve local history!

2016 Murray County Historical Society