Legacy grant helps Museum Purchase a new Microfilm Reader


The museum has  installed a new  Scan Pro 2000 microfilm reader, scanner, and printer in the research area. Thanks go to an Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant provided by the Minnesota Historical Society with funds provided from the 2008 Legacy Amendment  voted on by the citizens of Minnesota.

This new microfilm reader works in a similar way to the old one, but has far superior image quality, the ability to clip and paste different columns to a document, image clarity functions, and the ability to search a page for a term or word. Documents can be saved to a flash drive for ease of use. This machine and its accompanying software has many other new  features that the staff is still discovering.

Researchers will find this reader a great improvement over the older machine.  The computer that it is  attached to was purchased by the Murray County Historical Society for patron use and the printer was provided by the county, making this a truly collaborative effort to increase accessibility to the archives for researchers and the general public.

Researchers who have used our archive this spring include the Larson, Addy, Sheeren, Lynch, Miller, and Hanson families, as well as information about the old Shetek Marine Building.

 Microfilm New Scan Pro 2000 Microfilm reader, scanner and printer.

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