Murray County Historical Museum “Doing Our Bit”

As we work to deal with the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak, the Murray County Museum, in concert with the Murray County Administrator, Thomas Burke, has developed the following protocols. We want to make sure we are doing our “bit” to reduce the spread of the virus and hopefully save lives.

  1. The Murray County Museum, End O Line Park, and the Dinehart Holt House will be closed to public use starting Wednesday, March 18 at 10 AM until further notice.
  2. All planned events will be cancelled until further notice. This includes public speaking engagements, the Brownie Bake-Off, the 1920’s Speak-Easy Dance, and the April Lunchbox lecture with Arn Kind. Events may be rescheduled at a later date as safety permits.
  3. Staff will still be at worksites completing non-public inter-facing projects (of which there are plenty!)
  4. Staff will work to do a complete surface cleaning of all non-porous surfaces during the first week of closure.
  5. There will be no weekend staffing provided unless projects require it.
  6. Researchers will be asked to send their research requests via phone or e-mail for staff to complete.
  7. Donors of artifacts will be asked to postpone their donation visits until they can safely do so without risk.
  8. All ACE volunteers and community volunteers (including Historical Society Board Members) will be asked to stay away until it is deemed safe to come back.
  9. Messaging will be done through Facebook pages and Museum and End O Line Webpages and our E-newsletter and local radio.

If there are any questions, contact the museum staff at:

Janet Timmerman, Murray County Museums Coordinator

2016 Murray County Historical Society